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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mount Adams via the Mazama Glacier 9-6-2014

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Last weekend I climbed Mount Adams via the Mazama Glacier with The Mountaineers. After seeing the lunch counter and the masses ascending from it I am very glad to have had the opportunity to use the less traveled approach from within the Yakima Nation.

20140906_132621 20140906_143621

We hiked in from the trailhead near Mirror Lake on Saturday and set up in completely empty established sites at the base of the Mazama Glacier. The weather was warm and skies were clear besides some approaching wildfire smoke.

20140906_154200 20140906_161934

Wet left camp at 3 am and roped up where the snow started a few hundred feet above. It was necessary to navigate around or over several crevasses including one knife edge snow bridge over the bergshrund that a few of us found to be very exciting.  We dropped ropes and harnesses at the base of a long rocky finger and scrambled over to views of the lunch counter and Pikers Peak.

20140907_053834 20140907_064808 20140907_064827

We ascended a mix of snow and lava rock to a mound of rocks below the false summit, where the true summit came into view. After a break behind the shelter of the rock mound, we stepped into heavy wind which persisted throughout the climb.

20140907_075616 20140907_090630(0) 20140907_100910
20140907_091304(0) 20140907_091352

We reached the tattered summit hut to find it completely exposed, but filled to the roof inside with snow. After a quick visit to the summit we headed down, excited to see the glacial terrain we had traveled through in the dark that morning. A few small adjustments were made to the descent route and wet made it back to camp safely and efficiently, but not without a couple fun jumps along the way.

20140907_101630 20140907_102220
20140907_132306 20140907_132309
20140907_132416(0) 20140907_134830
20140907_153851 20140907_172219

Thanks again Bill for leading a safe and exiting trip!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A week in The Enchantments

I have little time to breathe these days, so for now I will just share the photos from our week in The Enchantments. Details will follow as time allows...

Colin and I made good time up Aasgard pass and after setting up camp we returned to assist Art and Barb with their packs up the last 400' or so. We all made it back to camp just in time to cook a meal before the rain and thunder showed up. We spent most of the first 3 days hiding in our tents, besides a short beta gathering trip up to Enchantment Peak. On day four we set out towards Sherpa Peak, hoping to see the improving weather that was in the forecast. Unfortunately we were turned around just below Colchuck Peak due to more heavy rain.
By Saturday, the weather finally started to turn and we made a late day trip to Cannon Mountain and Temple Lake. On Sunday we got as close as we could to the summit of The Temple (any amount of research would have confirmed that rope would be necessary), and then scrambled up Mclellan Peak. The weather certainly could have been better, but a week off of work in good company is hard to complain about! Hopefully we will be back next year to finish what we started.
Colchuck Lake
Aasgard Pass 20140814_101746
20140814_103236 20140814_104437 20140814_122031
20140814_151803 20140814_152840
20140814_164933 20140814_181517_Richtone(HDR)
20140815_061352 20140815_061412
20140815_071309 20140815_074238
20140815_075304 20140815_083247
20140815_092649 20140815_093101
20140815_094526 20140815_101044
20140815_101552 20140815_100118 20140815_101302
20140815_124931 20140815_164102
20140815_171443 20140815_171616(0)
20140816_061329 20140816_061448
20140816_062719 20140816_063428

20140816_102102 20140816_113724
20140816_120218 20140816_125252
20140816_132229 20140816_134705
20140816_140249 20140816_141242
20140816_143544 20140816_143931
20140816_152709 20140816_152835 20140816_153342
20140816_163439 20140816_163922
20140816_164832 20140816_172149
20140816_173616 20140816_174907
20140817_061128 20140817_062035
20140817_063311 20140817_063948
20140817_070121 20140817_071656 20140817_072707
20140817_073508 20140817_073836
20140817_093301 20140817_093748
20140817_095447 20140817_095700 20140817_100611
20140817_133937 20140817_140419 20140817_140437
20140817_142907 20140817_143404 20140817_144322
20140817_145136 20140817_145333
20140817_145736 20140817_150401
20140817_151211 20140817_151225
20140817_152429 20140817_164752